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The Figgy Play Couch Review: Price, Durability, Pros, and Cons

The Figgy couch was born at the heart of cozy, where Shenanigan Kids co-founders Ryan Cocca and David Baron dreamed it up.

They imagined something comfortable and versatile that allowed kids to relax and lounge however they like. Completely customizable and totally comfy, the Figgy is an affordable option for parents who want to let their kids bounce, crash and cuddle up on a durable piece of furniture actually designed for active use.

From imaginative play to prime seats in your home theatre, the Figgy can be configured to serve any purpose kids dream up. They comfortably fit 2-3 children for lots of group fun. Perfect for a playroom, rec room, or in the corner of any living space. 

In this post we’re going to review the Figgy Couch from Shenanigan Kids and give information on pricing, shipping, materials used and more.

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What Materials Is The Figgy Couch Made From?

Made with CertiPUR-US Foam Inserts, the pads are firm enough to stand up to all day play while cushy enough for cuddling and relaxing. The pads are covered with high-quality material that is water resistant and machine washable.

Waterproof liners ensure that accidents and spills never spoil the fun for long, while covered zippers project floors and elbows. Velcro strips allow kids to assemble and disassemble the Figgy into whatever configuration they dream up.

Pros and Cons of The Figgy Couch


  • Washable and water-resistant for tough play 
  • Neutral colors for adding to a family or rec room
  • Perfect for imaginative play and creativity 
  • Soft and touchable especially for sensitive children


  • One is never enough, you’ll need more Figgys
  • Would be great to have more colors and add-ons
  • A Figgy isn’t forever, but leaves many happy memories behind
  • Waiting for the Figgy to arrive—it takes a few months

Unique Features of The Figgy Play Couch

The Figgy is built of four base cushions and two rectangular pieces, it can be completely disassembled and put back together. It creates a larger space for romping and plopping, and can even be built into forts and a tunnel.

The materials are high quality and safe, and the foam is firm but cushy, giving it the perfect sink factor. New colors like magenta and mint are popping up on the site if you are looking for something with a bit more color for a play space for a kids’ room. 

Figgy Couch FAQs

How much are The Figgy couches?

The Figgy couch is $270 to $329 depending on the color you choose. You can order extra bolters or wedge cushions, and a replacement cover for $99. 

What color or fabric options are available?

The Figgy is available in grey, blue, and magic magenta and magical mint. You can order a replacement cover and cushions 2-packs in all the colors.

How long does it take for Shenanigan Kids to deliver The Figgy?

Due to high demand, Figgy orders placed through February and March 2021 will arrive in April and May. However, we’ll be eying up shipping times as the brand matures.

How long do Figgy sofas typically last?

The Figgy can last many years with good care, but they do wear down. You can treat it with a stain and waterproofing spray or order another cover to extend the life. With the proper treatment and care, your Figgy can outlast your kids rough and tumble years.

What age ranges are recommended for this product?

Any age can enjoy a Figgy. Kids and teenagers feel right at home in them, but if you’re an adult, you may prefer the couch.

And actually, that’s the whole idea: to get elbow, feet and apple juice sippy cups to a place where they can play around. However, adults can enjoy the Figgy too when the kids head to bed.

How does The Figgy compare to the Nugget Couch and other alternatives?

  • Nugget Couch – At $229 the Nugget has longer, more rectangular cushions and the base is one piece. It’s been around longer and comes in many different colors, but not as many add-ons as the Figgy. The Figgy is more versatile and customizable. Unlike the Nugget, the Figgy has waterproof liners. You can read our entire Nugget Couch review here.
  • Foamnasium Blocksy – Also priced $229, this is a very similar concept with quite different materials. Foamnasium is similar to the mats found in gymnastics and tumbling. The Figgy is designed for lounging and relaxing as well as playing, with a soft cover.  
  • Jaxx – Jaax has convertible pieces available for toddlers, and adult pieces and furniture for offices and living spaces. 

What Real Customers Thought of the Figgy Couch 

Customers love the Figgy for the imaginative and hands on play it evokes. They appreciate the waterproof liners and washable cover, too. Best of all, the Figgy is incredibly durable, keeping its shape after multiple rompings, bouncing and lazy afternoons.

They appreciate little touches like child-proof zippers to protect soft skin and a washable cover and waterproof liner. 

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