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Lull Mattress Review

The Original Lull Mattress is a high-quality and affordable option in the all-foam boxed mattress category. Its feel is medium-firm, offering a combination of support and pressure relief. 

In this review, we’re covering all that you need to know about the Original Lull Mattress, Lull’s original and most popular design. With a good mix of comfort and support, this memory foam mattress has wide appeal. It’s a great low-priced option for side sleepers, back or stomach sleepers, couples, and guest bedrooms. 

Lull Mattress Construction

Lull uses three layers of what they describe as “the highest quality foam available” to construct their Original Lull Mattress. The product is CertiPUR-US certified and free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and harmful chemicals. 

From top to bottom, the mattress contains these layers:

  • 1.5” gel-infused memory foam comfort layer
  • 1.5” foam blend transition layer 
  • 7” foundation layer of polyurethane foam 

This arrangement of comfort/transition/base layers is typical for foam mattresses. The base support layer provides durability and support, the transition layer helps distribute pressure evenly across the bed’s surface, and the memory foam comfort layer provides contouring and softness around the body’s pressure points. 

Foam mattress manufacturers control firmness and other qualities based on how thin or thick they make each layer of foam. In the case of the Original Lull Mattress, the base layer is extra thick and the comfort layer is fairly thin. As a result, the mattress is relatively firm and supportive compared to some foam beds that are topped with thicker, softer layers of pressure-relieving memory foam. 

How Much Does the Original Lull Mattress Weigh?

The Original Lull Mattress is fairly lightweight, with a queen mattress weighing just 77 lbs. The weights for each size are as follows:

  • Twin: 48 lbs
  • Twin XL: 52 lbs
  • Full: 66 lbs
  • Queen: 77 lbs
  • King: 96 lbs
  • CA King: 94 lbs

Does the Original Lull Mattress Emit Off-Gassing Odors? 

During unboxing, most foam mattresses release an odor. This release is known as off-gassing. The odor is harmless and typically dissipates within a few hours, although sometimes the smell lingers for several days. 

Lull mattresses do emit some off-gassing, but the odor is fairly mild and can be quickly cleared out of a well-ventilated room within two or three hours. 

What does the Lull Mattress Feel Like?

Let’s review how the Original Lull Mattress performs in the key areas that determine overall comfort: firmness, edge support, motion transfer, and airflow/cooling. 


Like many mattress brands, Lull uses an unofficial 10-point firmness scale to indicate how soft or stiff their beds are. Here’s how that scale works:

  • 1/10 indicates a very soft mattress that allows deep sinking
  • 10/10 indicates maximum firmness, permitting virtually no sinking or conforming
  • 6.5/10 is considered the industry standard for medium firmness 

The Original Lull Mattress is a 6/10 on the firmness scale, according to Lull’s own rating. Zoning in on the middle of the firmness range, Lull aims for the sweet spot that appeals to the largest number of sleepers. 

Overall, this mattress has a fairly classic foam feel, which means that the bed surface contours against the shape of a sleeper’s body. However, the Original Lull Mattress uses a thick base layer and doesn’t go overboard with the memory foam layer, creating a feel that’s more supportive and less squishy than most foam beds. 

The surface is soft enough to provide plenty of pressure relief around your hips and shoulders, but without letting the body sink down to the extent that you feel stuck “in” the bed rather than “on” it. 

Edge Support

The degree of resistance that a mattress provides around its perimeter is known as edge support. Foam beds typically can’t offer as much edge support as latex, hybrid, or innerspring beds, all of which contain stronger core materials that keep the edges from sinking down deeply. 

The Original Lull Mattress provides decent edge support compared to most foam beds. When lying on the edge, you’ll notice only a very slight sloping. If you sit  down on the edge, the foam compresses downward more significantly, but there’s enough support to permit comfortable edge sitting.  

Motion Transfer

All-foam mattresses are usually terrific at limiting motion transfer, i.e. to what extent movement on one side of the bed is felt on the other side. 

The Original Lull Mattress isolates motion effectively, meaning that couples can move around on the bed without bothering one another. As evidence, this mattress passes the “glass of wine test.” You can balance a glass on the surface and roll around on the bed without causing a spill. 

Airflow & Cooling

Compared to hybrid or spring mattresses, not much air can pass through a foam mattress. As a result, this type of bed tends to absorb body heat, leading to sweaty nights. To combat this problem, Lull uses a gel-infused viscoelastic memory foam in the top layer of the Original Lull Mattress. This cooling gel absorbs and disperses body heat while allowing a bit more airflow than regular foam. 

While the Original Lull Mattress is cool to the touch and provides a moderate degree of airflow, sleepers who struggle with overheating should go for a different type of mattress. If a cool night’s sleep is one of your top priorities, then your best bet is a hybrid mattress with an airflow-friendly coil core. 

What Type of Sleeper is the Lull Mattress Best For?

The Original Lull Mattress is comfortable in all sleep positions. While some back sleepers and stomach sleepers prefer extra firmness, and some side sleepers prefer softer mattresses, most sleepers will find that this mattress offers a satisfying balance of cushioning and support. The medium-firm feel in combination with excellent motion isolation also makes this bed a great fit for couples. 

Finally, this mattress is a particularly fitting choice for a guest bedroom, where you probably don’t want to pay up for a luxury brand but also need a bed that will be suitable for different types of sleepers. 

On the other hand, the Original Lull Mattress isn’t perfect for everyone. You probably won’t like this bed if you weigh over 250 pounds, tend to overheat during the night, or if you have a particular preference for very soft or very firm beds. 

How Much Does a Lull Mattress Cost?

Lull offers the standard suite of mattress sizes along with two extra long sizes, the twin XL and the California king

At just $799 for a queen size, the Original Lull Mattress is competitively priced. 

Surprisingly, the twin XL is currently priced lower than the standard twin and the CA king is priced lower than the standard king. This is due to excess inventory in those sizes. While these prices last, tall individuals who need long beds can get great deals from Lull. 

Here are the current prices for all sizes of the Original Lull Mattress. 

Original Lull Mattress SizeCurrent Price
Twin XL$399
California King$949

Lull Mattress Company Policies

Most online mattress companies offer sleep trials, warranties, and free shipping. Since you probably won’t have the opportunity to try out the mattress you choose before ordering, it’s important to carefully consider the details of these policies. You want to know how much hassle and risk you might encounter if you need to return your product. 

Here are the key details for the company policies that Lull shoppers should be aware of. 

Lull Mattress Shipping/Delivery Details 

Like most mattress-in-a-box retailers, Lull offers free shipping. Lull ships to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Mattresses are shipped within 1-4 days of order dates. 

Lull’s 365-Night Sleep Trial

A sleep trial period consists of a specified number of nights in which you can use your new mattress risk-free. At any time during the sleep trial, you can choose to return the mattress for a full refund. 

Unlike typical return policies that you might encounter for other products, a sleep trial does not require that the item be returned in like-new condition. Rather, you’re able to thoroughly test out the mattress and make your mind up about whether or not to keep it. 

The industry standard for sleep trials is 100 days. Some brands, including Lull, choose to stand out by offering 365-night trials. 

Keep in mind that even if a mattress comes with generous sleep trial terms, you should still carefully research your purchase and choose a mattress that you expect to keep. Mattress returns are incredibly expensive for retailers, driving up prices across the industry. Returning a mattress also involves a substantial environmental footprint due to extra packaging and transportation needs. 

Lull’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

A Lull mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This type of warranty applies for the product’s full lifetime under its original owners. It covers problems that are considered “defects” that are not the result of “normal wear.” 

While it’s nice to have a warranty that’s included for free, the 365-night sleep trial is the policy that you’re much more likely to use. While a warranty only addresses defective products, a sleep trial gives you the freedom to decide whether or not you like the product, regardless of its quality. 

Original Lull Mattress vs. Lull’s Other Designs 

Lull is a relatively young company (founded in 2015) with a short and sweet list of products, including three mattresses and a variety of bed frame and box spring designs. 

Lull’s mattress collection consists of:  

  • The Original Lull Mattress: all-foam, three layers, 10” height 
  • The Original Premium Mattress: all-foam, four layers, 12” height
  • The Luxe Hybrid Mattress: six-layer hybrid with springs and foam, 13” height 

All three models are rated 6/10 for firmness, designed to appeal to the vast majority of sleepers. 

Here are the key details for Lull’s Original Premium Mattress and Luxe Hybrid Mattress. 

Lull Original Premium Mattress

The Lull Original Premium is a straightforward upgrade on the original model, with a thicker transition layer, a thicker comfort layer, and the addition of a quilted memory foam cover. The Original Premium costs around $300 more than the Original, with the exact price difference varying based on the mattress size. 

Lull rates the Premium model as 6/10 for firmness, just like the Original, but you might notice more contouring and cushioning. This design is preferable for heavy-bodied sleepers who require more support but don’t want an extra-firm mattress. 

Lull Luxe Hybrid Mattress

The Luxe Hybrid is Lull’s most advanced (and highest-price) design. Like Lull’s foam mattresses, the hybrid hits 6/10 on the firmness scale but employs a coil core for superior support, weight distribution, and airflow. Compared to the all-foam models, this mattress is slightly bouncier and offers better edge support. 

This design also includes a stitched, tufted, five-layer rayon-blend cover. 

The Lull Luxe Hybrid is a better option for heavy-bodied folks and for sleepers who tend to overheat and get sweaty during the night. 

Which Lull Mattress Offers the Best Quality and Value?

Lull’s inventory is similar to that of many online bed retailers, including a standard foam mattress, an extra-thick luxury foam option, and a coil core hybrid. 

In the case of Lull, like with many other brands, the original model presents the best value. For shoppers who are seeking a no-frills, high-quality foam mattress, the Original Lull Mattress offers one of the best values in the online mattress industry. 

If you’re looking for extra support and improved breathability, the Luxe Hybrid is an appealing option. It’s pricier than the original, but still more affordable than most high-quality hybrids, which tend to cost substantially more than their all-foam counterparts. 

How Does the Original Lull Mattress Compare to Other Top-Selling Beds?

We’ve noted that against the online bed industry as a whole, the Original Lull Mattress is an appealing option, especially for shoppers on tight budgets. Now, here’s a quick comparison of the Original Lull Mattress against a few of our other favorite beds from leading brands. 

Original Lull Mattress vs Helix Midnight

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress made with hundreds of individually wrapped coils and a luxurious comfort layer of Helix’s signature Memory Plus Foam. Compared to the Original Lull Mattress, the Midnight is taller, contains more layers, and offers superior edge support and airflow. Helix rates the Midnight at 5.5/10 on the firmness scale. 

As a hybrid, the Midnight costs several hundred dollars more than the all-foam Original Lull Mattress, but offers excellent value in the pricier hybrid category. 

Original Lull Mattress vs Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature Hybrid is priced between the Original Lull Mattress and the Helix Midnight, offering one of the best value buys among popular hybrid designs. This bed contains an extra-thick core of individually-encased coils that establish impressive motion isolation, edge support, and overall comfort. The Signature Hybrid is customizable, sold separately in soft, medium, or firm constructions. 

Original Lull Mattress vs Bear Original 

The Bear Original is actually priced lower than the Original Lull Mattress, making it an absolute steal for all-foam mattress shoppers. Bear markets this mattress specifically to athletes, boasting dense and supportive foam (firmness: 7.1/10) and several features that improve airflow and temperature regulation. Sports Illustrated named the Bear Original its “Best Mattress for Athletes” in 2023. 

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The Original Lull Mattress is an especially good option for side sleepers, combination sleepers, and couples. 

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