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Purple vs. Helix Mattress Comparison

Purple vs. Helix | Who Makes the Better Mattress? 

Imagine a mattress that’s so comfy, you fall asleep mere moments after laying down for bed. Well, that’s what you can expect from Purple and Helix. These companies manufacture some of the best mattresses on the market — cozy foundations of foam unrivaled in their plushness and support.

To be honest, I have difficulty choosing my favorite between Purple vs. Helix. Both mattress brands boast a catalog of high-quality models, with enough variety to accommodate every type of sleeper.

However, there are a handful of differences worth highlighting, especially regarding firmness levels and motion isolation. In this guide, we’ll do a comprehensive mattress comparison showcasing the top features from each brand.

Quick Look at Purple vs. Helix

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Price Range:$1,099-$1,949$1,099-$2,999
Firmness Options:Soft (3), Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)Medium (5), Medium Firm (6)
Models Available:Helix Sunset 
Helix Moonlight
Helix Dawn
Helix Midnight
Helix Dusk 
Helix Twilight
Helix Plus
Helix Kids
Purple Mattress
Purple Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier
Who’s It’s Best For:Side sleepers

Couples with different firmness preferences

People who move around in their sleep

Combination sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Combination sleepers

People with back pain

Standout Features: Standard pillow top provides additional pressure relief

Sleep quiz matches sleepers to their ideal mattress

Wide range of firmness options and optional luxury features 

Lower-than-average price point for a hybrid mattress
Unique pressure relief from hyper-elastic polymer grid

Best-in-class temperature neutrality

High point elasticity allows for motion isolation without sacrificing responsiveness
Sleep Trial & Warranty100-night sleep trial, 30-night break-in period with 10-year warranty (15-year warranty for Luxe models)100-night sleep trial, 21-night break-in period with 10-year warranty

About Helix

Finding the perfect mattress can be a time-consuming nightmare. That’s why Helix Sleep offers a quick ‘n easy homepage quiz going over all the relevant criteria. Simply answer a few questions about your body type and sleep preferences, and Helix will recommend the perfect mattress for your nighttime needs.

Depending on your answers, Helix’s quiz will suggest one of its six main series mattresses, including the Dawn, Dusk, Sunset, Twilight, Moonlight, or Midnight. It may also recommend the Helix Kids Mattress or the Helix Plus for sleepers over 300 pounds. Together, these soft and firm mattresses cover the spectrum of sleeping positions and body types, ensuring a comfy, supportive option for every person.

If you want to skip the sleep quiz and go with a general, all-purpose mattress, no problem. In that case, I’d encourage you to check out the Helix Midnight or Helix Dusk. These two mattresses feature a medium-firm feel that accommodates every type of sleeper, including back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. For additional support, you can also consider the Luxe mattress upgrade. The Luxe package adds two extra inches of foam, zoned coils for lumbar support, and a quilted Tencel pillow top cover for moisture-wicking.

No matter which option you choose, every Helix mattress includes a base layer of DuraDense Foam topped with pocketed coils. These coils reduce sinkage across the sleeper surface and prevent more motion transfer than traditional innerspring models — perfect for couples sharing a bed. In addition, the company adds a layer of Helix Dynamic Foam and/or Memory Plus Foam near the top of all its mattresses, ensuring proper contouring and ample cushioning for pressure relief. 

Since Helix cuts out the middleman and ships its hybrid mattresses right to your doorstep, all these perks come at a price you can’t beat. It’s dream-like ease and comfort from the moment you place your order to your first night of restful slumber.

Helix Pros

  • Homepage sleep quiz recommends the perfect fit
  • Eight mattress models, each with an optional Luxe upgrade package
  • Highly personalized, with specific designs for all sleeping positions and body types
  • Comfortable blend of coils and Dynamic/Memory foam
  • Free shipping in the United States (fees may apply to Canada)
  • Affordable hybrid mattresses for people on a budget

Helix Cons

  • No white-glove delivery option
  • Mattresses come compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box
  • Some people find Helix’s memory foam layers too soft

About Purple

You can absolutely feel you’re sleeping on a Purple mattress. The company’s GelFlex Grid comfort layer is revolutionary — so extraordinarily supportive, it feels like you’re resting on a bed of clouds. 

What sets the Purple Grid apart from traditional poly foam is the integrated hyper-elastic polymer. This proprietary material adapts to your body’s every move, eliminating pressure points and providing sink-in relaxation. The material is also heat-resistant and lets airflow circulate to keep you cool at night. It’s neither too firm nor too soft, too hot nor too cold. Instead, it’s just right, continually adjusting to offer pressure relief and meet your body where it’s at.

Aside from the GelFlex Grid inner core and a viscose cover, every Purple mattress is unique, with a bespoke composition. First, there’s the original Purple, which comes with a CertiPUR-US dual-layered comfort foam base. It may be the company’s first-ever mattress, but it’s still an excellent choice for side and back sleepers. Then there’s the Purple Hybrid Mattress, which features a supportive blend of coils and a top layer of high-density foam to provide medium-firm support. Lastly, there’s the Purple Hybrid Premier, which boosts comfort by adding 50% more GelFlex Grid padding to the mattress’s transition layer.

Since Purple holds over 30 patents on its products, the only way to experience such elevated comfort is to try one of its different mattresses yourself! Although the company’s products are on the more expensive side, Purple offers free shipping, white glove delivery with in-home setup, and a 100-night trial with every order. Try Purple’s gel-meets-foam mattress in your bedroom tonight, and experience one of the best sleeps of your life.

Purple Pros

  • GelFlex Grid relieves pressure and provides sink-in comfort
  • Mattresses keep cool for hot sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation, courtesy of a hyper-elastic polymer center
  • Free white-glove delivery
  • Can return during your trial period for a full refund
  • Lots of matching furniture and accessories, including bed frames and bedding

Purple Cons

  • Expensive price tags
  • Minimal edge support
  • Sleepers under 130 pounds might find some of their models too firm