These are the 5 Best Places to Buy a Well-Made Sofa in 2020

We’ve reviewed tons of sofas, sectionals, loveseats and more on this site and rated them based on their comfort, style, customizability and construction. We’ve also taken a close look at which retailers and showrooms have the best quality, prices, policies, and customer service. Here we’ll share our top picks for five of the best places to buy a sofa in 2020. 

So whether you’re looking for a loveseat or an oversized sectional, shopping for a small apartment or house, we’ve got options to help you find out where to buy the best couch for your budget.

5 Best Places to Buy a Couch in 2020


Price Range: $149 to $3229
Where to Buy: In store or IKEA’s website

What real customers loved about IKEA

IKEA is best known for sofas that combine functionality with simple, clean lines and modern designs. They have received recognition for efforts to make affordable furniture from sustainably sourced materials. Overall, IKEA is a great fit for those looking for a well-designed, functional sofa at a reasonable price. 

IKEA customers love that they have the option to purchase online or any number of physical locations throughout the United States. They also love that IKEA provides stylish options at affordable prices.

IKEA’s Drawbacks or Flaws

Some customers have claimed that IKEA furniture is lower in quality and aren’t pleased that they don’t offer full-service,  in-home setup options.

2. Ashley Furniture

Price Range: $299 to $3999
Where to Buy: In store or on Ashley Furniture’s website

What real customers loved about Ashley Furniture.

Ashley Furniture is a well-known retailer with locations all over the United States. Their furniture catalog includes a huge selection of sofas and sectionals of all styles, sizes, and price points. Both the young college student looking to furnish their first apartment, and a family looking for a sofa for the family room can find something at Ashley. Ashley is also known for selling quality items and offering stellar customer service.  

Buyers love that they can browse online before visiting their local retail location. They also really love the quality and comfort of Ashley sofas.

Ashley Furnitures Drawbacks or Flaws

Some buyers have complained that Ashley’s charges an unreasonable markup. Others have reported problems with their delivery (orders arriving incomplete). 

3. La-Z-Boy

Price Range: $699 to $2999
Where to Buy: In store or on La-Z-Boy’s website

What real customers loved about La-Z-Boy.

As probably the oldest running business we’ve reviewed, it’s worth mentioning that La-Z-Boy was founded in 1927 in Monroe, Michigan and created an entirely new category in furniture: the recliner. However, after 90 years of research and development, domestic manufacturing, and the creation of a strong supply chain La-Z-Boy is now known for entire line of quality furniture for multiple budgets. 

Buyers love that La-Z-Boy has a long-standing reputation for American-made, quality furniture and showrooms all over the United States. 

La-Z-Boy’s Drawbacks or Flaws

Most of La-Z-Boy’s complaints revolve around the fact that they don’t allow returns and offer only a 3 day exchange window.

4. Pottery Barn

Price Range: $499 to $2999
Where to Buy: In store or on Pottery Barn’s website

What real customers loved about Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn, an extension of Williams & Sonoma, is a very well known brand with an extensive selection of couches and sectionals, and nearly 200 showroom locations throughout the U.S. Pottery Barn offers upscale, higher-end furnishings at a range of price points. Their collection contains both modern designs as well as traditional styles to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Additionally, their focus on sustainable materials, such as organic products, recycled materials, and even reclaimed wood, has made a considerable impact on the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Their customers love that they offer free shipping and that they offer design consultations and white glove, full-service deliveries.

Pottery Barn’s Drawbacks or Flaws

Buyers have complained that Pottery Barn has a limited return window and does not offer warranties on their products. 

5. West Elm

Price Range: $499 to $2999
Where to Buy: In store or on West Elm’s website 

What real customers loved about West Elm.

West Elm, also an extension of Williams Sonoma, has a strong focus on creating quality, high-end sofas available at reasonable prices. However, unlike some of Williams-Sonoma’s other brands, West Elm’s design inspiration has more of an edgier, contemporary appeal. A combination of clean lines, solid colors, and modern fabrics sets them apart from sister brands like Pottery Barn. 

Buyers love that West Elm has a number of retail locations to view their items before buying. They also love that West Elm offers design consultations and white glove delivery service.

West Elm’s Drawbacks or Flaws

Buyers have complained that West Elm does not offer free shipping and has a very limited return window.

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