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The 5 Best Leather Sofas of 2021 and Where to Get Them

Leather sofas add a luxurious touch to any living room. Though they can be pretty expensive investment pieces, the right leather sofa will last you a lifetime. It all depends on whether or not you can find sofas that utilize sturdy frame materials and quality leather upholstery

When it comes to leather couches, I analyzed over 24 different models to see which furniture brands and retailers had the best designs that balanced durability, style, comfort, and value. 

Explore some of my top picks from West ElmPottery Barn, Allform, Amazon, and Serta.  

About Leather Grades 

Like I mentioned in my review of the best leather sofa brands, it helps to understand the terminology that brands and retailers use to describe leather sofa upholstery. Here’s a quick guide on different leather grades from highest to lowest quality: 

  • Full-Grain Leather: This leather isn’t split and includes the entire animal hide. As such, it has a rich, full texture and natural markings. Many designer brands and high-end furniture companies generally source leather that isn’t chemically processed, which means the upholstery will absorb moisture and oils it may come in contact with. It’ll eventually develop a “patina” and pigmentation in certain patches but it’s also some of the softest leather you’ll ever feel. 
  • Top-Grain LeatherAlso known as “aniline leather,” top-grain comes from the top portion of animal hide. It’s sanded, buffed down, and tanned in order to close the hide’s pores. This results in a more consistent color and tone over time. 
  • Split-Grain Leather: This comes from the bottom portion of the animal hide. Many mid-range furniture companies and brands use this in their leather furniture. Also, split-grain leather is sometimes used to create suede.
  • Genuine Leather: Despite its appealing name, “genuine leather” is among the cheapest quality leather you can buy. It’s sourced from the lower layers of animal hide and may be bound with glue before being dyed to give it a more uniform look and texture. 
  • Bonded Leather: Bonded leather barely qualifies as real leather. Like genuine leather, it’s usually pieced together, but from leather scraps and synthetic filler materials like plastic. It’s also not very durable and generally degrades much faster than full or top-grain leather

How I Chose the Best Leather Sofas 

I tested out dozens of different leather sofas in a range of configurations and leather grades from traditional three-seater sofas to loveseats and leather sectional sofas that included chaise loungers. I also looked at sleeper sofas and reclining sofas

I tried to analyze a range of styles and designs from classic chesterfield sofas to modular leather sofas, and even some small space solutions. Ultimately, I wanted to highlight the brands and retailers who balanced good materials and great customer care and delivery.

Our Picks for the 5 Best Sofas of 2021 

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1. The Allform Modular Three Seater Sofa

  • Price: $2,245 
  • Dimensions: 90” width x 38” depth x 34” height
  • Frame Materials: Maple and Poplar Kiln-Dried Laminated Hardwood
  • Leather Upholstery Options: 2 top-grain leather options
Photo courtesy of Allform

What I Loved

Endless versatility is by far the thing I love most about Allform’s take on the classic three-seater sofa. Allform creates fully modular seating, meaning you can start with a mere armchair or loveseat and continually add on seating and chaise modules to create a sectional sofa or living room set that grows with you. 

Having tested dozens of Allform sofas before, the leather three-seater was one of my personal favorites. Allform has just physical showroom in New York City, so most sales are done through the site. They’re actually a sister brand of Helix, one of the premier mattress-in-a-box companies. So, their eCommerce chops really come through when it comes to an easy online shopping experience that values customization and visualization. 

It’s easy to see the Allform sofa fitting into any living space. And to be frank, it looks and feels amazing in person. The sofa does require some assembly, but the high-density foam seat cushionswood legsarmrests, and back cushions are much easier to fit together than comparable models from other retailers. 

Plus, I’m always a fan of Allform’s incredibly generous care and warranty coverage: their already solid-as-a-rock frame is covered by a lifetime warranty and you can try their furniture at home for 100 days free before committing long-term. 

What I Didn’t Love

There wasn’t really much to dislike, to be honest. If you’re not a fan of mid-century designs, this one might not be for you.

Best Leather Sofa: Allform

2. The Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Loveseat

  • Price: $925
  • Dimensions: 74” width x 36.2″ depth x 30.3″ height 
  • Frame Materials: solid wood frame 
  • Leather Upholster Options: 2 top-grain leather options
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What I Loved

Amazon‘s Rivet line creates some great furniture backed by the retail giant’s signature attention to convenience, comprehensive product details, and reviews. Speaking of which, the Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Loveseat boasts a 4.5 out of over 1,000 customer reviews. 

All in all, I have to agree with the best reviews out there. The Rivet is a well-priced, high quality piece of furniture available for $925, a far cry from the exhorbitant price tags you’d see for similar styles from designer brands and furniture companies. 

The top-grain leather felt comparable to Allform and Pottery Barn sofas on this list, and the overall visual appeal definitely lived up to the great product photography. In terms of coverage and care, I’m always a fan of Amazon‘s 3 and 5-year Accident Protection Plans. 

What I Didn’t Love

While the overwhelming number of reviews were glowing, there were a few negative reviews that highlighted some hit-or-miss durability issues (e.g. missing pieces, frame components that didn’t align completely, fraying fabric, etc.)

3. The West Elm Leather Dekalb Sectional with Chaise

  • Price: $4,800 to $5,400
  • Dimensions: 102″ width x 66″seat depth x 33″ height 
  • Frame Materials: hardwood frame 
  • Leather Upholstery Options: 1 top-grain leather option in-stock and ready to ship, 2 leather ready to ship within 3-5 weeks, 1 option available within 10 weeks
Photo courtesy of West Elm

What I Loved

The Dekalb is among one of West Elm‘s most popular leather sofas. Featuring a deep, wide chaise lounger, this sectional sofa was actually available at my local store. So, I decided to take a look. In-person, I can see why it’s worth the relatively high starting price. The top-grain leather upholstery was one of the most soft and supple I’ve experienced from sofas on this list. Plus, the upholstery options each have such a rich tone and texture to them that it’s hard to pick just one. 

The chaise lounger was a great detail, and I could totally see myself lounging away a Saturday afternoon Netflix binge. All in all, it’s an amazing leather sofa if you can stomach the price and potential 10-week lead time for the “Molasses” brown leather upholstery option. 

What I Didn’t Love

Like I mentioned, there are options that require added 3 to 10-week delivery times. Made-to-order versions are crafted in the USA while stock options are made in China.

4. Turner Roll Arm Leather 4-Piece Chaise Sectional 

  • Price: $8,296-$9,096
  • Dimensions: 144″ width x 113.5″ chaise depth x 68.5″ seat depth x 35″ height 
  • Frame Materials: solid hardwood frame 
  • Leather Upholster Options: 32 top-grain leather options
Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn

What I Loved

Pottery Barn is one of the premier furniture retailers out there with sofas and sectionals finding their way into some of the most beautiful living rooms in the world. Their large furniture may cost as much as a small car, but in my opinion, it’s worth it when it comes to heirloom quality furniture you can buy online or from the convenience of your local showroom. 

For the four-piece Turner sectional, I loved the ability to customize the orientation of the chaise: either righthand facing or lefthand facing. And in terms of styling, the roll armrest was a classic touch that, coupled with the rich cognac-tone Italian leather lended this sectional an incredibly elegant look and feel. 

What I Didn’t Love

I loved everything about this sofa except for the price. Starting at $8,296, it’s definitely the most expensive sofa on this list. Also, you can choose from over 30 different top-grain leathers. Just keep in mind they all come with a 10-week lead time since this sofa is made to order.

5. Serta Palisades Modern Sofa

  • Price: $400 
  • Dimensions: 78″ width x 32.5″ depth x 35″ height 
  • Frame Materials: steel and hardwood frame 
  • Leather Upholster Options: 3 leather options, 2 faux-leather options
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What I Loved

At $400, this may be one of the best deals on a leather sofa you can find online. Serta is a company synonymous with comfortable mattresses, so my expectations were pretty high for their sofas. And I’m happy to report that they more than exceeded my expectations. 

The best thing about this sofa? It comes in a vegan leather upholstery if you’re not a fan of traditional, animal-sourced leather. Plus, it comes in three different widths depending on the size of your living space

What I Didn’t Love

Unfortunately, the faux-leather just isn’t as comfortable as organic leather. However, at $400, it’s practically a steal. Also, at 32.5″ deep, it had of the shallowest seat depth of any sofa on this list.  

The Best Leather Sofa Retailers

Here’s a handy guide to the best leather sofa brands and stores out there. If you want to continue your search, check out more Home of Cozy guides on the best online sofa retailers and best places to buy a couch.

West Elm

West Elm has made a name for itself with trendy, mid-century inspired and contemporary furniture that features clean lines, brilliant color palettes, and accessible price points. Their online and in-store experiences are both great, and they offer fairly affordable white-glove furniture delivery. 


Allform is a relatively new furniture brand, but it’s one that’s backed by the best furniture designers. Their approach to intuitive, modern designs results in some of the most versatile modular loveseats, sofas, and sectionals constructed from the best materials by artisans, right here in the USA.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn creates some of the most luxurious and aspirational furniture and home decor you could possibly buy. While their sofas tend to be on the pricier end, they do offer home decor that’s relatively affordable. 


Wayfair is an eCommerce giant that has anything and everything for your entire home.In fact, they proudly carry over 14 million individual products. And you’ll also get a great deal on delivery fees since they offer free shipping on any order over $49. 


While they don’t have the brand-name cache of some of the other companies on this list, Homelegance is a wholesale furniture company that features a range of styles and over 30 years of experience providing quality, well-made furniture for any room. 


Amazon may not be the first name that pops into your head when buying furniture, but their Rivet line is fast becoming a popular source for anyone decorating small spaces, living rooms, offices, or even entire homes. 

More Tips for Getting a New Couch 

Now that you have a sense of some of the best leather sofas and brands out there, I’d like to leave you with a few more tips. 

Leather upholstery ages beautifully, but only if you take care of it. For that, check out more guides on repairing a leather couch and cleaning your sofa

And when it’s time for you to let go of some much-loved furniture and decor, explore some key tips on how to get rid of your couch ethically and sustainbly.

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