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The 10 Best Sectional Sofas & Brands of 2024

Sectional sofas are perfect for lounging with the family, entertaining, or just spreading out and getting comfy. Unlike standard three-seaters or loveseats, sectional sofas offer a wider range of lounging and sitting options. However, sectionals as a whole tend to be big investments. So, it pays in the long run to buy a sectional that’ll hold up to the rigours of daily life from pets to kids, along with long-term wear and tear..

To put this review together, I reviewed 10 different sectionals from some of the leading furniture brands and retailers. I analyzed buying experiences across several furniture websites from direct-to-consumer brands to retailers including Inside Weather, Allform, Pottery Barn and more. I also read through countless real reviews from customers to see what they loved about shopping for and lounging on their new sectionals, as well as some areas they thought brands could improve service or production.

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How We Choose the Best Sectional Sofas 

At Home of Cozy, we don’t just look at manufacturer specs and details, we actually test sofas ourselves while reading hundreds of real customer reviews to get a sense of which brands create the best sectionals you can buy.

I analyzed dozens of leading sofa brands to find the best sectionals and rated them by five key points:

  1. Quality – Sofas should be built to last, which is why we always start by judging the durability of materials used in each sofa, comparing them to industry standards, and analyzing key factors like longevity of those materials, how fabric holds up to wear and tear, and more.
  2. Budget – Whether you’re picking out your first sectional or investing in a higher-quality replacement, we always want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.
  3. Comfort – At Home of Cozy, “comfort” is practically in our name. It’s one of the most important categories we use to judge sofas, which is why we always test brands’ products and compare them against real consumer reviews and comments.
  4. Design – We’re always on the lookout for innovative brands. From affordable out-of-the-box sofa brands to bespoke brands offering custom sofas you can design in just a few clicks.
  5. Sustainability – We want you to buy less, but better. And that starts with focusing on brands committed to sustainable and ethical production methods.

The 10 Best Sectional Couches in 2024

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1. Best Overall Sectional Sofa: Sectionals by ALLFORM

For the 4-Seat Corner Sectional:

  • Price: starts at $2245
  • Dimensions: 97” width x 70” depth x 34” height
  • Arm Height: 25” height
  • Leg Height: 6” height
  • Frame Materials: Maple and Poplar Kiln-Dried Laminated Hardwood Frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: 7 Performance Fabric options, 2 Top-Grain Protected Leather options

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Allform was founded by the same creative minds behind Helix, one of the most successful mattresses-in-a-box brands. So, it’s safe to say that my expectations were high for a company with such a solid reputation for comfort. The Allform sectional more than exceeded my expectations, and overall, the brand thought of everything, from streamlining the consideration process with an easy online design experience, super fast shipping and easy assembly.

What I Loved About this Allform Sectional 

The 4-Seat Corner Sectional starts at $2,245, which isn’t the cheapest sofa out there. However, I have to agree with close to 300 customers who’ve reviewed Allform’s sofas in that it’s well-worth the investment.

Allform focuses on versatility, with a site that lets you easily build modular sectionals inspired by mid-century design classics. I started by browsing the site’s different seating arrangements from two piece loveseats to three-seater sofas. Sectionals have a few different options depending on how many seats you want to start with.

For all my IKEA veterans out there, you’ll be happy to know that Allform’s assembly couldn’t be simpler. I’ve put together everything from sofas to credenzas and king-size beds, and this was definitely one of the easiest times I’ve had putting together furniture. Putting the frame together and adding seat cushions took about 45 minutes on my own, but would likely go by quicker if you have someone helping you out. 

All in all, it’s really hard to believe this is a sectional sofa that’s just come out of a box. Like other reviewers, I really appreciated the medium-firm cushions that didn’t really give way in terms of shape, even after a few days of continually sitting on them. And the sturdy kiln-dried laminated maple and poplar frame didn’t so much as budge once.

In terms of customer service, I thought it was incredibly generous that Allform backs their kiln-dried maple and poplar frames by a lifetime warranty and a 100-day at-home trial, which means that if their furniture isn’t for you, for almost any reason, you can have it shipped back and refunded. But, trust me, if you’re ordering from Allform, this’ll be a piece of furniture you’ll love having in your home for years to come. 

What I Didn’t Love

While I personally don’t mind putting furniture together, a few customers were definitely frustrated by that prospect alone. However, as I mentioned, the assembly process is much more seamless and intuitive than other brands that require self-assembly.

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2. Best Small Space & Apartment Sectional: Issa Sofette Sectional by Inside Weather

  • Price: starts at $1,699
  • Dimensions: 56” width x 53” chaise depth and 22″ seat depth x 34” height
  • Arm Height: 24” height
  • Leg Height: 7” height
  • Frame Materials: Solid kiln dried ash wood 
  • Upholstery & Fabric: 40+ performance fabric options, pet friendly, and commercial grade options

Inside Weather specializes in space-saving designs for those well-versed in the art of somehow getting large a piece of furniture into a cramped city apartment. The brand features pieces for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, along with  decor and accent pieces. But where Inside Weather really shines is its range of highly customizable sofas. 

What I Loved About this Inside Weather Sectional  

At $1,699, it’s by far one of the cheapest apartment sectionals I’ve seen so far. While shopping online, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-designed sectional for studios, one-bedrooms, or home offices. The specific model I reviewed features two seats (one regular-depth at 22″ and a comfy 53″ chaise). Overall, it’s a chic, little mid-century sectional that would work almost anywhere. 

Like Allform, Inside Weather is a newer brand that’s clearly prioritized their online shopping experience. However, I have to admit that my eyes started to glaze over a bit when confronted with so many upholstery options. That said, swatch books are available and it was nice to see that Inside Weather had almost any color I could imagine, a whole range of seasonal designs, along with specific fabrics like micro-fiber, pet-friendly, and even commercial-grade options. 

Moving onto customization, I went with untufted foam cushions (tufting is also available), selected the armrest style I wanted, and mid-century dowel legs in a dark brown “espresso” veneer.

Shipping and delivery were fairly unproblematic as Inside Weather just shipped the sectional in boxes. Assembly took about an hour and compared to Allform, was a little more difficult despite the sectional being much smaller and having fewer components. 

I was really impressed by the upholstery and how accurately the customization options looked in real life compared to online design experience. While it’s definitely not the roomiest sectional in my review, it’s definitely one that’d be perfect for a small city apartment or an office and kind of left me wondering where options like this were when I was slumming it with a $150 futon back in college. 

What I Didn’t Love 

Like I mentioned, the customization options on the site were a bit of a slog to get through. There are eight different customization fields from armrests to cushion style. If you hate the prospect of shopping for furniture much less making a handful of decisions, this may not be the sectional for you. 

Also, I was pretty lucky when it came to the overall execution and accuracy of that design since more than one Inside Weather customer noted that they got inaccurate designs (i.e. a customer ordered a tufted seat back but the cushion they got was plain and untufted.)

3. Best U-Shaped Sectional Sofa: Big Sur Square Arm Chaise Sectional by Pottery Barn

  • Price: starts at $4,497
  • Dimensions: 146-178” width x 68” chaise depth and 50″ seat depth  x 37” height
  • Arm Height: 21″
  • Leg Height: 2.5″
  • Frame Materials: steel sinous springs, steel connectors, mortise-and-tenon joinery in a solid wood frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: 30+ options

While Inside Weather’s sofette sectional and Allform’s 4-seater were perfect for my one-bedroom city apartment, Pottery Barn‘s Big Sur Chaise sectional is definitely one I’ll bookmark for a dreamhome with an large, sprawling living room

What I Loved About this Pottery Barn Sectional 

First, the Big Sur is the ultimate splurge in my review. It starts at $4,497 and with a full-width version plus all the customizations and add-ons, it can easily top out at $9,000 or more. 

I found Pottery Barn‘s customization options to be a bit more intuitive than Inside Weather’s experience. If you’re landing on the Big Sur product page, simply pick a width (146″, 154″ and 178″), select a cushion type (multi-seat or bench), and pick an upholstery option. Just three steps compared to Inside Weather’s eight-stage design process. 

The sectional arrived (no assembly required) and I can only describe it as “stately.” Again, this is a sectional sofa that’ll look beautiful as a centerpiece in a large family home. But I highly recommend you measure your door frames to make sure it can fit through as this made delivery a bit stressful. 

After the anxiety of wondering whether or not this behemoth would fit through a fairly generous highrise lobby door, I have to agree with the customers who commented that it “feels like lounging on a cloud.” 

What I Didn’t Love 

While this sectional’s 45% feather-down cushioning felt like being enveloped in a warm cocoon of pure comfort, getting up from this sofa was actually kind of difficult, which was troubling because I’m 31 and to my knowledge my knees are perfectly fine. However, I did measure and compared to the Inside Weather sofette and Allform’s sectional, the Big Sur is about four inches closer to the ground.

If you have a huge living room, a family that loves all-day lounging or movie nights, and has super-human knee strength, then this is the sectional for you.

4. Best Budget-Friendly Sectional: AllModern Lobos Reversible Sofa

  • Price: starts at $1,100
  • Dimensions: 84” W x 59” chaise depth and 22.5” seat depth x 31.5” height
  • Arm Height: 24.5”
  • Leg Height: 7”
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood (oak and pine)
  • Upholstery & Fabric: Durable polyester blend

What I Loved About This AllModern Sectional

For half the price of nearly every sectional on this list, Allmodern delivers (and even overdelivers) in every way that matters.

First, this sofa is beautiful. The reversible sectional aspect means I can mold it to my space, the fabric is buttery soft, and it looks and feels much more expensive than it is. Plus, the low profile, clean lines, and modern design add an elegant touch to my living room, and even though customization options are limited, it fits in perfectly.

You should note this sectional is definitely more firm than it is soft, and as a fan of firmer couches I love the extra support. It did break in a bit after a few weeks, but I don’t think this will ever be the sort of couch you can sink into.

Browsing the website is easy and even enjoyable. They prioritize simplicity, so I never felt overwhelmed while shopping. As for delivery, it came a week faster than scheduled, assembly required. Be warned, this sectional does take a little strength (and some power tools) to put together, and an extra pair of hands goes a long way.

What I Didn’t Like

Some customers say assembly is easy, others have some difficulty. I think I had a harder than average time putting it together, but have a friend around and you’ll be fine. AllModern also offers an assembly option upon arrival if you don’t mind spending the extra cash.

5. Best Sectional With a Recliner: Artemis 5-Piece Sectional by Raymour & Flanigan

  • Price: $3,869.77
  • Dimensions: 150″ width x 138″ seat depth x 35″ height
  • Arm Height: 18.5″ height 
  • Leg Height: n/a, removable feet 
  • Frame Materials: Sinuous Coil Spring System, kiln dried solid wood frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: 48 options

What I  Loved About this Raymour & Flanigan Sectional 

Raymour & Flanigan may not have the luxe cache of Pottery Barn or the trendy direct-to-consumer innovation of Allform or Inside Weather, but its a brand that simply produces durable, long-lasting furniture. And when it comes to sectionals with recliners, I definitely recommend going for a brand that focuses on rock-solid design instead of trends or aesthetics. 

At almost $4,000, the Artemis L-Shape Reclining Sectional is comparably priced to Pottery Barn‘s Big Sur. And having learned from my Pottery Barn delivery experience, I made sure to measure all door ways and check them against box specs well in advance. 

As far as shopping and browsing goes, Raymour & Flanigan isn’t winning any web design awards any time soon. But, they really don’t need to, considering how easy it was to shop, learn about the sectional, customize a few options, and check out. 

Overall, I have to agree with a lot of the 4 and 5-star reviews. The Artemis came in three separate boxes which alleviated my anxiety about door frames, and the delivery guys were able to piece it together within 20 minutes. Compared to Pottery Barn‘s Big Sur, this is definitely the more utilitarian option without sacrificing comfort, and it. even features re-fillable down back cushions

In terms of construction, I noticed that the sectional pieces were tightly-hinged and no awkward gaps formed, a little quirk I noticed with Pottery Barn and even Inside Weather’s sofette after a few times getting up and sitting back down. 

The reclining element worked flawlessly, and it’s clear that Raymour & Flanigan have spent decades perfecting the art of the perfect recliner. Overall, the Artemis isn’t the trendiest sectional out there, but with plush seating and near-perfect construction, it doesn’t have anything to prove. 

What I Didn’t Like 

While I personally didn’t deal with a long or frustrating delivery process, more than a few customers commented that they had fairly long shipping windows (up to 4-6 weeks compared to just 18-20 days for direct-to-consumer brands like Inside Weather and Allform.)

6. Best Sectional For Pets & Kids: Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa Sectional

  • Price: $1,990
  • Dimensions: 85” L x 61” D x 333” H
  • Arm Height: 25”
  • Leg Height: 7”
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood (Baltic Birch)
  • Upholstery & Fabric: Olefin microfiber, velvet in 5+ color options.

What I  Loved About this Burrow Modular Sectional Sofa And Reversible Chaise

Burrow’s entire Nomad collection was made specifically with kids and pets in mind. The stain-resistant material Burrow uses is made from a non-toxic, very tightly woven synthetic fabric that will withstand claws, spills, and thousands of wash cycles. Many pet owners have even attested to the durability of the velvet, which shows no evidence of damage even after months of scratching from their cats and dogs.

I personally have no pets, but I am prone to spilling. The fabric is so non-absorbent I was able to wipe up nearly all of the water from the glass I toppled onto the seat with next to nothing left behind.

The couch is immediately comfortable, no breaking in necessary. The cushions aren’t as firm as the Allmodern Lobos sectional, but still provide a lot of support. It is obvious right away why this couch is so highly reviewed. They’ve thought of everything, from its portability and customizability to its built-in USB charger. Plus, Burrow’s modular design means that your couch can shrink and expand very easily as your needs change. Add and take away sections as needed and the sectional stays looking great.

The entire Burrow experience is fantastic, from shopping to delivery to assembly. Delivery is incredibly easy, as couch arrived in separate boxes that were easy for me to handle on my own. Assembly was also very simple, and I easily got it done by myself in less than an hour.

What I Didn’t Like 

The sofa does take a bit of time to arrive, and it seems many customers experience the same thing. I was given a delivery window of 4-7 weeks, and it arrived just about 7 weeks after i placed the order.

7. Best Sleeper Sectional: Apt2B Melrose 2pc Sleeper Sectional

  • Price: $3,185.79
  • Dimensions: 81”W x 63”D x 27”H
  • Arm Height: 27”
  • Leg Height:  3”
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: Hypoallergenic polyester, velvet in 60+ colors

What I Loved About this Apt2B Sleeper Sectional

Like Inside Weather’s Issa Sofette sectional, the Melrose sleeper sectional is another great option for adding functionality to smaller spaces.

The couch itself is fantastic, with firm, supportive cushions, luxurious fabric, and a sleek modern design. Underneath the cushions is a pullout full-size mattress on a metal frame. I opted for the memory foam mattress, though there’s also an innerspring option.

The bed pulls out very easily, and the memory foam mattress is just as comfortable as the rest of the couch. Plus, the memory foam mattress had little to no smell at all, which was a pleasant surprise.

I found Apt2B’s website easy to navigate, and the process to customize is simple and intuitive. Delivery was easy, completely free, and weeks ahead of schedule. Delivery was completely free, and they even unpacked and placed my couch for me. I had to do no assembly work at all.

What I Didn’t Love

You can’t flip the chaise cushion unless you move the chaise to the other side of the house, you need to be mindful about wear and tear.

8. Best Leather Sectional: Adams Chaise Sectional by Castlery

  • Price: starts at $2,249
  • Dimensions: 102.4″ width x 65″ chaise depth and 35″ seat depth x 33″ height 
  • Arm Height: 17″ 
  • Leg Height: 6″ 
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood with plywood 
  • Upholstery & Fabric: top grain leather 

Castlery is a direct-to-consumer brand that prides itself on its ability to “design and produce furniture with great aesthetics at a competitive price point, without compromising on quality.” 

What I  Loved About this Castlery Sectional 

As a writer who focuses on design, I’ve been to my fair share of high-end furniture showrooms, the type of places where everything is Italian and cost more than my car. And while this modern sectional from Castlery is pretty pricey, it honestly looks and feels like a designer sofa that would be made to order and shipped three to four months after purchase. 

It’s no surprise that quality and an attention to form are two details that make Castlery a hit with the design-focused crowd. The brand partners with established furniture design partners in Italy, Spain, and Australia, and it’s clear that this high-end DNA is expressed throughout the brand’s product line-up of leather sofas

Browsing and shopping online was pretty simple, and I appreciated the delivery estimate even before checkout. 

When it arrived assembled, I was honestly floored by how soft and supple the leather was just out of the box. That said, I tested this sofa out over a few days and the cushions maintain their shape perfectly. To put my perspective in terms of one stand-out customer review, “It’s deceptively comfortable.” 

What I Didn’t Love 

I’ll chalk it up to Castlery being a smaller brand, but in reviewing sectionals this is one of the few times that order fulfillment was an issue for me. The actual delivery went past the quoted window by about two days, which was a hassle. However, Castlery’s customer service team, as noted in many reviews, couldn’t have been nicer in handling my call. 

9. Best Large Sectional Sofa: Melrose 3pc Sectional Sofa

  • Price: $5,148
  • Dimensions: 147”W x 83”D x 27”H
  • Arm Height: 23”
  • Leg Height:3”
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: Hypoallergenic fabric in 60+ color options

What I Loved About this Apt2B Sectional 

This sectional is huge. At nearly 12 feet long, there’s plenty of space for several people to lounge comfortably.

The deep seats are very comfortable, about the same firmness as the Apt2B Melrose sleeper sectional. They are supportive, but definitely still let you sink in a bit, making this couch one of the most comfortable on this list. The extra-wide arms round this sectional out as the ultimate lounger.

As far as customization, the process on the Apt2B website is relatively simple, with options to customize the fabric and leg material. The color I chose (smoke) looked just as it did on the website.

Because it is such a large piece, I was anxious about the delivery. Luckily, it couldn’t have gone smoother, and assembly was easy. The measurement guide on their website is another really great feature and help me fit the couch perfectly to my space.

Also, its worth noting their customer service is fantastic, and each and every time I was on the phone with them it was easy, quick, and pleasant.

What I Didn’t Like

This sectional is an investment, though I think the high-quality, size, and overall comfort definitely make it worth it.

10. Best Customizable Sectional: BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Sectional with Bumper

  • Price: $7,330+
  • Dimensions: Custom
  • Arm Height: 27”
  • Leg Height: 7” (and also removable)
  • Frame Materials: Solid wood frame
  • Upholstery & Fabric: Performance fabric, leather, and velvet

What I Loved About this BenchMade Modern Sectional 

Everything about this sectional is customizable, from the length, seat depth, and bumpers to the pillow cushioning, fabric, and leg material.

For fabric and filling, I went with trillium and foam, which means I have to do less shaping and fluffing to keep the couch looking great all day long. I also got the deep seats (26”) over the standard (23”) for optimal comfort.

BenchMade is known for its high-quality, which was obvious as soon as I saw the couch in person. The fabric is rich and durable, and every custom detail is executed perfectly, exactly how I ordered it. The foam filling is supportive, with just enough cushioning for the perfect comfy-cozy feel.

The buying experience with BenchMade is top-notch too. To customize your sectional, simply choose your desired dimensions, fabric, cushion filing, and leg material. The price updates as you make each choice, so you’ll see the final price even before you add the item to your cart.

The couch took about 7 weeks to arrive at my door after placing the order, and I opted for white glove service, so I didn’t have to lift a finger. The couch was unloaded, unwrapped, and set up where I wanted, and they took all unwanted packaging with them.

What I Didn’t Like

The price tag. As the most expensive sectional on this list, it might feel hard to justify the price. However, the quality and customizability coupled with its lifetime warranty and excellent customer service means this sectional will pay for itself time and time again.

Sectional Sofa FAQs: What to Consider When You’re Shopping 

What Should You Look for in A Sectional Sofa Brand?

The short answer? It depends on how you prioritize quality, aesthetics, and space. For instance, I’d recommend investing in a sectional that lasts close to a decade or more. Ideally, higher-end pieces like that should be heirlooms you can pass down, especially if you’re spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on them. 

However, it’s perfectly natural to just go with your gut. Many customers from the reviews I went through mentioned that they spent very little time doing research and were perfectly happy with the sofas they bought. That said, you should always choose from a  quality sofa brand that specializes in durability and go from there. 

In terms of style, go for a brand that offers a range of customizations for you to choose from, whether you love the sleek look of an armless modern sofa or you’re obsessed with sturdy, traditional tufted Chesterfields. If you’re shopping around from a brand that offers lots of customizations, you may even find unique sectional features like cup holders and ergonomic headrests perfect for lounging all day long. 

What Other Sectional Brands Should I Consider?

While I mainly focused on just a few brands, there are a whole host of retailers and stores you can explore. If you love trying sofas and sectionals in a showroom that emulates real living spaces, explore Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or West Elm. However, if you want to skip the crowds, JoybirdWayfair and Amazon‘s Rivet home decor brand always have amazing deals on sofas ready to ship. 

How Long Should My Sectional Last?

Generally, a new sectional sofa should last anywhere between 7 to 15 years. A sectional sofa’s longevity depends on a few factors including the durability of its frame as well as its upholstery.

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